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Wisdomly allows anyone to seamlessly create and host all types of virtual events, ranging from large scale conferences and meetups to small scale gatherings and virtual classes. Whatever your virtual event need, Wisdomly is your customizable and comprehensive solution at a fraction of the cost!


Seamless Creation and Customization

Our virtual event creation tool simplifies the planning process and allows you to create a customized solution to meet the needs of both you and your potential sponsors.

Multi-Room Group

Your event can have multiple group video rooms happening simultaneously, allowing you to set up virtual breakout sessions, exhibition halls, or even private video discussion rooms

Enhanced Networking Capabilities

Our proprietary recommendation engine uses your social media profiles and your topics of interest to provide you with suggestions as to who you should connect with

Deep Data

Our detailed data analytics dashboard provide organizers with valuable information on content interaction and community engagement.

What can I use Wisdomly for?


Host a virtual event for like-minded individuals together to learn, discover, engage with others who share their passions. Bring your existing community, or start a new one directly on our platform!


Add a virtual component to your physical conference with our livestream capabilities, or create an entirely new event with a virtual auditorium, exhibition halls, and networking lounges


Host virtual classes or extend the reach of your current classroom. Foster engagement and collaboration through group video breakout sessions, virtual tutorials, or even virtual office hours.


Wisdomly is customizable so you can use our platform for virtually anything!

"I have had the pleasure of working directly with the Wisdomly team for the past few months, and I have witnessed firsthand the tremendous value of using their platform for the TigerLabs Startup Showcase in September. They're offering an innovative solution to an enormous problem, and their platform has applications that expand far beyond the virtual event industry. Wisdomly has a grand vision, and their team has the business and technical acumen to make it a reality."

Bert Navarrete. Managing Partner, Tigerlabs

Meet our Team

Alex Klokus

Mukund Jha

Kevin Miller

Aaron Landy

Eugene Joseph

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